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Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club Members
& Buffalo Soldiers Veterans

Come reserve your name on a star at our exclusive Wall Of Fame. The Wall of fame stars is exclusive to these members and can be ordered by phone or upon visiting the The Buffalo Soldiers Exhibit at Newburgh

United States Air Force - Damon Finch copy_edited.png

Buffalo Soldiers watch as our star power grows

These members have been placed in the Buffalo Soldiers Exhibit  Wall Of Fame in Newburgh New York, Come visit us to see you star

Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club - Vickie ‘Ms. Vee’ Williams copy.png
Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club - Duane  Chief   Ware copy_edited.png
United States Air Force - Damon Finch copy_edited.png

If you have a  TV shows idea, come pitch it to the 

The Motorcycle Channel® We work one on one with creators to bring your TV show to life 

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Sponsors and Consulting partners

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